Invoxia Pet Tracker

Invoxia Pet Tracker is an exclusively designed tracker for pets by Invoxia Company. With the help of Invoxia Pet Tracker you will be able to detect your lost pet without any constraints on the distance. Be it in England or Ireland, easily track your pet with the help of the mobile application. You can also set up “virtual fence” areas and get notifications as soon as your pet enters/exits the set zone for too long.  

Invoxia Pet Tracker will keep you updated on your pets moves. Follow its movement history right from the app as it is specially designed for cats and dogs. The tracker is very light (15 grams) and compact. It can be easily fixed to your pet’s collar without any comfort issues as it comes with a silicon clip.  

How to setup Invoxia Pet Tracker: 

Setting up the Invoxia Pet Tracker is very easy, firstly, the tracker should be  connected to the Micro-USB. Then simply install the Invoxia GPS Tracker application that is available on Google Play Store and Apple app Store.  Once this is completed, get connected to the tracker through the app.  

Invoxia Pet Tracker Gives Alert zones: 

Define “virtual fence” by setting geographic zones. You will receive a notification whenever your Pet enters or exits your home or holiday spot. You can set up as many zones as you want to set. 

Invoxia Pet Tracker Movement Monitoring: 

As we are aware that  Invoxia Pet Tracker will inform you in every 5 to 10 minutes or as  soon as your pet gets moving. You can easily track your pet’s position from your smartphone with GPS precision of 10-20m accuracy in the countryside and up to 5m in the cities. 

Invoxia Pet Tracker Gives Location History: 

Invoxia Pet Tracker allows you to check the location history of pet or where the pet was seen last. You can access every information as its walk or move around, right from your smartphone even for long hours with GPS accuracy. This way you can leave your furry friend to a Pet-sitter with complete peace of mind! 

Invoxia Pet Tracker RequireNo SIM-Card: 

There is no need for SIM-Card in Invoxia Pet Tracker. It is designed to uses low-consumption networks to be more independent and well-organized than any other pet trackers available in the market. 

Invoxia Pet Tracker Battery Life: 

The battery of Invoxia Pet Tracker can last for several weeks up to 1 month depending on usage and activity. 

Invoxia Pet Tracker Price and Customer Ratings: 

The price of Invoxia Pet Tracker is 123.96 USD and you can buy Invoxia Pet Tracker from or from its own website which is Invoxia. The customer rating of Invoxia Pet Tracker is 3 out of 5. 

Invoxia Pet Tracker

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