The Top Tips for Beginner Runners

There are so many great reasons why everyone and their mother should be running. It’s one of the most riveting, and tiring, workouts out there, but the results are bar none. You can achieve great legs (especially to sprint up hills) and your lung capacity will be unmatched. Outrunning a dog (or bear) is ten times easier when you’ve engaged in cross training. However, getting to this point takes diligence and lots of motivation.

This is why the following list is so important. It will help beginners like you become the best runners possible.


Shop for the Right Gear

If you’re really serious about becoming a runner, you should opt for wear made with technical fabric. You can purchase this in the form of running socks, shorts and shirts. The fabric can be created from various sources, including smart wool and bamboo, as well as synthetics like nylon, polyester or Lyrca. These materials help to keep you from over-sweating, and having chaffing, blisters and irritation.

Don’t Run Alone

Running long distances (or even short distances around a track) can get rather lonely. Consider inviting a group of friends to join you on your treks around the park, neighborhood or wherever else you like to run. Having people in your group who are consistent runners will help to keep you motivated.

Develop a Plan (and Stick to It)

When you first get started running, it’s hard to keep up with your goals. You may thing you can start off running five miles, but will learn the hard way how difficult that will be. This is especially so if you’ve lead a sedentary lifestyle up ‘til now. It’s advised that you set realistic goals in your plan, so it’s easier to stick to. Try running for one-minute, then walking briskly for five minutes, and continue the pattern. The goal is to continuously run for 30 minutes without walking.

To help prepare you for your runs, you can shop at Vera Bradley for accessories, like watches to time your runs and eye wear to protect your eyes from the sun.